Friday, April 24, 2015

.Smart Glamour.. is genius!.

It's tough enough to find clothing as a plus size woman, as I'm CERTAIN you all know. I recently discovered Smart Glamour and decided to give them a try. The initial appeal was that they offer clothing for ALL sizes and it's customizable.. Plus I just really wanted a 'Feminist' Jacket TBH. 

So, I sent off my measurements, and was pleasantly surprised with the clothing. It fit well, and was fun..and affordable.

I'm wearing the Joan Sheath Dress and Amelia Bomber Jacket. The Bomber comes in 3 color options, with 4 verbiage choices - Feminist, Babe, Lady, or Boss...All pretty amazing! The clothes are hand-made to order in NYC and as an added bonus, they use vegan fabrics.

You can visit the website to see more, or if you are in NYC, Smart Glamour currently has a pop up shop in the East Village - which ends on May 30th. They have every size XXS-6X available on the same rack, for the same price as one another. It is the first and only NYC body positive boutique where women of every size, shape, height, and weight can shop together in this way!! It blows my mind in the best way!

(photos by Nick Holliday)

So go check them out, or visit! Which piece is your favorite?



Thursday, March 19, 2015

Charlotte Russe Introduces Plus Sizes!

If you haven't already heard, Charlotte Russe has finally launched their plus size range and it doesn't dissapoint. There are loads of great pieces for Spring and Summer and I am loving everything that I have tried so far.
The colours are fun and bright and the cuts are fearless too. There is everything from adorable tops and Summer dresses to printed rompers and really cute denim. 
The range runs up to size US24/ 3X and is available in select stores and of course, online

Check out this gorgeous acid wash chambray skirt that I have paired with the pom-pom trim flutter crop top. 
I was worried that the sizing would be junior plus instead of true plus size but here I am wearing a 3X on both top and bottom and I have a bit of wiggle room, so the sizing is comfortable and true.

Have you all checked out the range yet? What pieces do you love?

Thursday, February 26, 2015

.A First Look at the Ashley Graham Collection

Like I mentioned in my last post, I am the first, apart from Ashley Graham herself, to try pieces from her new lingerie collection for Addition Elle and they are all so gorgeous. 
The collection launches officially in mid-March but I have a little preview of what is coming here for you. 


The pieces are beautiful and I can't wait for all of you to see them once they are out!
You can sign up to get more information and exciting news about the collection at


Monday, January 26, 2015

Ashley Graham Collection for Addition Elle- Exclusive!

I'm SO excited to be the first to show you guys the exclusive trailer for Ashley Graham's Spring lingerie collection for Addition Elle! No one else has seen it until now...
It's super hot and Ashley is killing it in every shade of grey! Apparently, in Canada, they could only show it online and before R rated movies, So we figured why not mix it up a bit.

She's so gorgeous and is such a great model for women out there breaking down beauty standards and   beaming with confidence. I've looked up to her for ages, so I'm thrilled to be able to share this. 

As you all know,  I love great lingerie so I'm really excited for this collection, but also because it will include G-H cups... Annnnd I will be the first, apart from Ashley, of course, to try her new collection, but you'll have to stay tuned to see that *wink*!

The collection will be available mid-march,  but if you want to know more then sign up for email alerts on Ashley Graham's page to be the first to know!

Monday, December 8, 2014

.EYBS Babe Army!.

As you all know, I started Eff Your Beauty Standards a little over 2 years ago, and recently I've decided..I need help! So, I put the word out- and these amazing ladies are part of my team now! I'm thrilled to have a diverse group of ladies from around the world helping me reach more women with the message of my baby- EYBS! That means daily content, everyday of the week from not only myself, but them as well. I will also be announcing details soon for one more spot from one of my fans..yes that means you!

Here they are:


My name is Alison, I live in Seattle with my husband, kitty and chihuahua terrier.  In a few months I'll be graduating with a master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.  

What EYBS means to her:

"The effyourbeautystandards movement to me means that we are refusing to give in to society's impossible standards of beauty and instead are choosing to love ourselves how we are.  Loving ourselves how we are does not mean we are not striving to better ourselves, I think as people we're always moving forward.  The effyourbeautystandards movement brings community and hope to those who were made to feel insecure and pressured to conform to a really harsh standard of beauty.  When we love ourselves as we are we are able to better love others, our communities, our lives and I think the effyourbeautystandards plays a key role in this."

Instagram: @alisongo


My name is Rainbow & I'm a Makeup Artist based in San Francisco, CA. I'm a proud supporter of the Drag & LGBT community as well a fighting for equality for every body. 

What EYBS means to her:

"EffYourBeautyStandards is a body revolution movement. We want to inspire, empower, and influence society on the acceptance that everyone comes in different shapes and sizes. You only get one body in this lifetime and it's time to start loving yours."

Instagram: @rainbow_artistry


howdy! I’m natalie. I’m a fat babe from the south. I have a wonderful boyfriend named Rich and a pug named Lola. I got involved in the body positive movement about four years ago when i started my tumblr,

What EYBS means to her:

"when I discovered the #effyourbeautystandards movement, I felt right at home! being able to find and surround yourself with others who realize that our bodies are NOT the shameful things that society has told us that they are - but rather, they are absolute gold - is like finding a treasure chest in the middle of a broken, ugly shipwreck. our bodies are our homes and people who cannot respect them shouldn’t be allowed to come in. This world hasn’t made it easy for people who don’t fit the social description of a “perfect beauty” to be able to love themselves, but with each other and with #effyourbeautystandards, we can take our bodies and our self-esteems back. we’re in this together!

Instagram: @nataliemeansnice


 Hi, I'm Missnic & I'm an Australian burlesque performer and model, who has been in the industry for 11 years and has had to soldier on through many experiences in regards to my size. In the past 2 years I've had 2 little baby girls and they have taught me that it's ok to love yourself and that mybody is a well put together machine that can do anything, dance on stages, be photographed for publications all over the world and create human life. With just giving birth 4 months ago, I run my own business doing custom acrylic nails under Deadlynails. 

What EYBS means to her:

"When asked what "eff your beauty standards" meant to me, I replied "everything. I remember being on stage once and being called a "fat emo chick" and yeh, It hurt .. but after I performed I laughed because he was the one that paid $45 to get into the show.. So I won in the end. It doesn't matter what your size, as long as you've got a roof over your head and people who love and care for you,you're the richest person in the world..So here's to Eff your Beauty standards"

Instagram: @Nppbxo


I'm Katie, & I'm a 25 year old, Canadian, plus size blogger, living in London. My blog,, is all about plus size fashion, lifestyle and travelling.

What EYBS means to her:

"Eff your beauty standards to me, is an opportunity to change the world's view of what is beautiful and a place to find inspiration and confidence for everyone!"

Instagram: @toodalookatie

To keep up with our posts, & to join in follow the EYBS movement here:

Twitter: @eff_yrbs