Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Brands I love: Domino Dollhouse!

Sunglasses & necklace are Domino Dollhouse
Since everyone always asks me "Where do you shop?" I'm going to start doing reviews on my favorite brands- Starting with Domino Dollhouse! Yes, I happen to model for them, but that's not why I love them. For the longest time I craved fun fashion in MY size (22 US), and when Domino Dollhouse launched, all of my dreams became a reality. Not only do they have one of a kind, fun prints and designs, but it's all made in America. They do carry other brands, so make sure to check the site out when ordering :) Another thing I love is that their clothing is true plus size clothing, not junior plus, so you know that what you are ordering will be true to size.  
The website is easy to navigate and their sizes charts are so helpful for those of you unsure of how the items will fit. Not a curvy gal? Don't worry- Domino Dollhouse has the cutest accessories for any size! 
Each month I have a different code that will save you 10% off everything on the site, so be sure to check my social media pages before ordering. Currently, my code is TESSBOO for October,  so what are you waiting for? Check them out:

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Headband, necklace & jacket are Domino Dollhouse

Entire outfit is Domino Dollhouse

Skirt is Domino Dollhouse
top, sunnies and leggings are Domino Dollhouse
Dress, earrings & headband are Domino Dollhouse   
Dress is Domino Dollhouse

top & leggings are Domino Dollhouse
Dress is Domino Dollhouse


Dress is Domino Dollhouse