Wednesday, February 29, 2012

.Jessica Louise Clothing = LOVE.

When I was 19, and MySpace was popular, I would waste hours on that we all did!
It was a great way to connect you to people, designers, and bands that you otherwise wouldn't have heard of. That's how I discovered the amaaazingly talented Jessica Louise.
Now, here I am 7 years later writing a clothing review,
and modeling for one of my all time favorite designer's.

I have always loved Jessica Louise's designs for a number of reason's;
Mainly because of her use of color, ruffles, patterns, & all things girly, which naturally, I adore!
 The only sad part was that I could never wear her delish clothing until she expanded her collection to Plus Sizes recently. She is the first of my favorite alternative designers that have caught on to the fact that us curvy ladies want to wear cute, playful, sexy clothes too! I applaud her for that, and now... On to the good stuff!

The first top I'm wearing is the Lulabelle Top in Blue, Size 3x & the Keyhole Heart Bow!

  It hugged my curves perfectly, and even has a Lycra sleeve to
actually fit over my arms, which I definitely appreciated.
 I feel like sometimes designers forget about the bigger girls when cutting their designs
 because not all of us have perfectly toned arms *raises hand*. Can I get an amen?
 I also adore the cute bow detail & the flattering neckline for my body type especially, because I feel like it elongates my neck & shows off the girls ;)