Thursday, March 27, 2014

.OOTD- I'm no saint.

Being fashionable and plus size is often a challenge, and you have to get creative with clothing, and most importantly, not to read the size on the labels. Not for self preservation, but because it doesn't matter what brand something is or size, if it looks like it will fit- try it! 

With that said, I recently fell in love with All Saints, and after years of wishing I could wear their clothing (that isn't plus size AT ALL), I finally had a chance to when my friend gifted me some of their tops. To my surprise not only did it fit, it was was comfortable and in my opinion..I looked good! Plus I love a good a-symmetrical top. 

Again, going with what I said about not reading labels previously, the vest is a large from the straight size of Forever 21 that I patched, studded and made it into my own rocker vest. I paired it with some leggings from Torrid and, last but not least, what rocker outfit is complete without leather boots?! My boots are from Simply Be and I'm in love! Casual rocker look for a gloomy and perfect LA day.

(Hair and color by Jonathon at Stile Salon in Beverly Hills )