Wednesday, June 5, 2013

.I like bathing suits & I cannot lie.

I know it's been quite a while since I blogged-but I'm back! Thanks to my son spilling water on my mac book, I've been out of commission for a bit, but wanted to do a quick post about my new favorite time of year- BATHING SUIT SEASON.

I never thought those words would come out of my mouth, because believe it or not I haven't always embraced my size. 7 years and 100lbs ago before I had my son, I wouldn't have been caught dead in a bathing suit, much less a bikini. Yes, I've put on a good deal of weight, but weight isn't the only thing I have gained... confidence came with it. It's been such a journey, and a very eye opening one at that. I went from finding anything and DOING anything to conceal my curves when I was a 16..heck, I even put duct tape on my stomach one evening when I lived in Seattle to try and pull my "fat stomach" in! Let me tell you, it was know what to get off. Now, I don't even wear shapewear unless I'm shooting and I really need to for the garment. It's so refreshing to be able to feel the breeze on my skin, to be comfortable in not only my clothing, but my skin. I was taught my whole life to cover up my body, that the bigger I was, the more I should wear. I can't even count the hours wasted flipping through fashion magazines about how to "dress for my shape" or certain clothing to "avoid" to "flatter" my figure. Now, I wear whatever I want, and the bigger I've gotten, the less I've worn. Not because I don't care about how I look, but because I don't care what others think. I don't dress based on society thinks I should as plus woman, or a fat woman..I wear what I want because I feel good! That's why I created my #effyourbeautystandards hashtag- to help other women embrace their bodies through fashion and hopefully find the confidence I have regardless of their size.
That's why today, when I opened my mailbox and saw this beautiful custom bikini from Black Cat Bikinis staring back at me, I couldn't wait to put it on & even *gasp* take photos.

 Life can be as beautiful, or as miserable as we want it to be- so why not choose to be happy and lift each other up?