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Luísa said...

I am a fat girl. As most fat women, it is hard for me to deal with myself, my body, my habits, the way I look, the way I was always told I should look like. It is hard sometimes to love myself, to believe my boyfriend loves me and desires me and so on.
One day I found out about you. Ever since that day I see your pictures, I see your beauty and, day by day, I can see mine too.
Im sure u get thankful messages like this everyday, but, hey, thanks. Thanks for helping me seeing my beauty and accepting me for who I really am.
A huge 'thank you' all the way from Brazil.

Unknown said...

Hello, I just want to say what a fabulous woman you are. It is so great to see a woman like me( meaning plus sized) confident and showing how beautiful she is. I am fat and fabulous as I always say, I would love to know how to do some of those eye makeup tricks lol. But any who Keep it up sweetie you're Awesome!!!!!!! Love looking at your photos( not in a weird obsessed way or a weird sexual way) just love beauty.


Unknown said...

First of all I just want to tell you how much I admire you.
I follow you on Facebook and Instagram and you are such an inspiration.
I envy that you love yourself just the way you are and that you look stunning in everything you wear!
Please allow me to vent a little, I dont really know where to turn.
All of my life, I have been a bigger girl, never going under a size large. In my culture, (Hmong), average women are very small and petite. I was always pressured by my family to lose weight or told that I was so big. However, I was fine with myself the way I was. I grew to love myself and accept my body because though I was big, I felt healthy and was very active.
A little over a year ago my son suffered a brain injury at four months old and nearly died. He was in acoma for a week and hospitalized for a month. Along with many doctors appointments, surgeries and dealing with the court system, I think the stress of it all really took a toll on me. Now I am a size 1X/2X and 19 in pants. It is really hard for me to be comfortable in my own skin. I hate taking full body pictures. I am the biggest out of all my friends and family. I feel like I almost cant accept the way my body is now. I am embarrassed when I shop with friends and when I hang out with them. I cant seem to shed any weight and I cant seem to accept my body. Now that I am bigger than I used to be I get even more crap about losing weight and that I am "TOO" big.
I see you post things everyday and I am so jealous of how confident you are! On days when I am feeling down and defeated about my weight (which is almost everyday), I see your posts and I am truly inspired and my spirit is lifted. I only hope that I will be able to love myself as much as you love yourself.

With sincere regards,
Hao Pay Lee

Unknown said...

I really wish I could have the confidence you do. I'm really bad about body shaming myself. I honestly cry when I go buy myself clothes because the fear of having to try them on. My family (except my mom and closer relatives) always made me feel like I was the fat one, too big, too slow, I never felt pretty. To this day I turn my head when I walk past a mirror. I find so many imperfections about my body that make clothes difficult for me. I'll never be a small girl I know. I'm healthy, I know that for sure. I just can't find confidence and would love your advice.

Mimi said...

I love everything you stand for!!Big girls are beautiful just the way we are. No need for hateful or rude views about us. If anything it takes more to have self confidence for us than a size 2 stick figure. I've always wanted to be a model but cant find a way to do it. So I'm going to do hair instead :) Just my way of giving back. I <3 you Tessie! Keep on rocking BBW Style!!

Mimi said...
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Unknown said...

Dear Tess,

My name is Julie and it's great to see how many people you help out with showing how beautyfull they are. It's hard to love yourself but you make others seeing the beauty in theirselfs. i really want to give you like a big shoutout to all my friends, followers and actually to my whole school. Ofcourse on every school is there someone bullied, some because of their size, some because of dieces, etc. I want to show this to my school in a video. In this video i will show the video of FLAWLESS and maybe if you're interested you can answer some questions of others, that would be so awesome! Just e-mail me if you have time,

from Holland

Anonymous said...

Dear, dear Tess:

I wanted to share a Facebook post of mine with you:

I have been told by someone that they are surprised that I enjoy shopping for clothes so much. When I asked why, their reply was "Because you're plus-size." When I said "So what? I'm not ashamed of my body.", they were plainly flabbergasted. I asked them was it such a shock that a fat girl could love herself? They said yes. Actually said YES. And they really could not wrap their mind around the fact that I don't yearn to lose weight. No, I'm not slim and trim. Do I take any less pride in my appearance? Do I feel like I'm not beautiful? HELL NO! Am I going to limit myself to clothing that covers as much of my body as possible so people don't have to see it? DON'T HOLD YOUR BREATH! I'm going to wear sleeveless things with my big ol' arms and little dresses with my big ol' thighs and clothes that cling to every curve and roll and you're just going to have to deal with it, sweet cheeks! Am I going to the beach in a swimsuit and plan on swimming and having fun instead of covering up and hiding under an umbrella so people don't have to be offended by a fat chick in the middle of their sunny day? YOU BET YOUR ASS I AM! And I'm going to enjoy every freakin' second!

Anonymous said...

Dang it! I posted above ^^ and meant to leave you my name!

Desiree Denise Cobler

Boston_Cutie said...

Hi Tess! I just wanted to say that you are awesome :). Since following you, your style has definitely rubbed off on me and I am more confident about my size. I did have a question for you though (if you find the time to respond). How do you keep the boning in cinchers/bustiers from permanently bending? I find that most of mine bend if I wear them for a prolonged period of time.

Thanks so much and keep being beautiful and awesome :)

Unknown said...


If you are looking for a special handmade dress, top or skirt where the fabric is also printed for you, do visit my website, RockaPoodle. I cater for all sizes and specialise in flattering, fun styles for ladies of all ages, shapes and styles.

I am UK based but please contact me for international orders. Christmas prints just in. :-)


(PS Pics of gorgeous plus size models coming to my site asap! It's a new site so still adding to it! Rachel xx)

Unknown said...

pps Forget to say....
U totally rock Tess, which is why I am here. !!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Can i just say i think you are an amazing insparational beautiful woman! Your confidence is amazing! I wish i had the confidence to show my body but your living proof that size dose not matter and you should be happy whatever size you are! Big is beautiful,i was bullied really bad in school and by my own parents which lead to depresstion which lead to sucicide thoughts. I got myself out of it by joining a local slimming club! And lost 5 stone of course im still not happy but im allowed to feel sexy,pretty but i do get off days when i feel the whole world is against me i cant walk past a mirror with out crying or feeling disgust in myself. Im slowly getting better and appreciating what i have! And loving myself. I hate the comment" youve got a pretty face..but.."all of me is pretty not just my face! I just want say keep doing what your doing.your amazing.

Anonymous said...

I am tall curvy girl. All threw school i was teased. So i joined the army and lost the weight but it slowly creep back up on me and it took me until this year to except my body is beautiful and i love your blog, it inspired me to start own beauty/style blog ( You inspire so many pleas don't stop what you do. We are beautiful and nobody can tell us we are not.

- Malika

Unknown said...

Hi Tess, you are gorgeous. My Mr and i are huge fans.

i was hoping you could help me out. we have pretty much the same figure, and like you - but not as good - i have an attractive face and persona. can you give me any tips on how to get into modelling - i did some when i was a kid (and skinny as kids are).

do you have any contacts here in Australia i could use to get my foot in the door, or do you know of any agency for modeling?

Thanks :)

cant wait until you next come to Melbourne

Unknown said...

hi tess

im a fat women but got worse with a medical condition called underactive thyroid but im 24,happily married and have a wonderful son, u have inspired me to try and be who I am. its hard but I will get there, I finished my level3 art and design fashion and clothing extended diploma last year and you gave me the courage to experiment with clothing for the plus size women I was the only one in the group like it and wanted to do it, I created corsets for women and gave me encouragement because I was doing something other did not want to even try, u have given me courage to try mew clothing , try and be me, I have gone through a lot but everyone has their story but we are all the same, the world needs to see that. I would love to learn more about how to look and feel sexy again , I thank you for the courage that u have spreaded to us all xx

heather x

Ashley said...
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Unknown said...

Hi. I saw you on the Meredith Show yesterday. I really need to get in contact with you. I have information for you that you may not know about that is....beyond words. You have fought so hard your whole life, and we, as a network of persons with shared similar diseases, fight everyday. Please find me on face-book and i can send you the information that i really feel you need to know about.If there is any doubt about my sincerity please look up the "fat disorders research society", or Dr. Karen Herbst.
Thank you.
Christine McGrath - from PA

Unknown said...

Dear Tess,
I am so happy to have watched your story and see that woman in any size our beautiful and creative. I have been very ill for the past 1 year and half because I decided to get the gastric by pass. I have lost 175 lbs and I look in the mirror and dont see me (Becky) I see a totally different person not the bubbly, happy go lucky girl. I see you smiling and glowing. I too used to be that way when I was at my biggest. I just hope that some women hear you loud and clear, that everyone has their own style size whatever....Thank you for making me see what I have been wanting to see my whole life. Becky Martin Ontario Canada

Unknown said...

Hey Tessa,

I can see your a beautiful women and comfortable in your own skin. but i'm wondering if you could help me with something? my Partner is a plus size girl and i tell her everyday how much of a beautiful girl she is. So could you help me out and maybe tell me how i could help her make her feel comfortable in her skin? i just want her to feel comfortable wearing swimwear/showing her belly in public. If you could reply to me via E-mail. that would be good.

Many thanks Brendon

Kayla said...

Wow. Ridiculous. I am blown away by you and not in a good way anymore. You clearly lied to us fans about your picture not being edited except for saturation and then blocked those who expressed their hurt? Who cares if you edit? Just OWN it, girl! That's what this is supposed to be about! Don't hide behind lies and especially don't intentionally hurt your fans. I looked up to you so much. I've been there for a long time cheering you on and I was so excited when you finally landed that job with MiLK and started blowing up everywhere. This really hurts. I don't understand the lying and blocking at all. I thought you were our champion for truth. I still love you I'm just really hurt. :(


Unknown said...

I am starting my own fashion blog, and I would like to feature your story. I wanted to make sure it was okay with you.

viviana010 said...

Hi Tess,

Sorry to bother you during your busy schedule, but I am doing research about plus-sized models for a short fictional film and was wondering if you could answer a few questions. What would you say is your biggest achievement thus far? What do you hope to achieve in the future? Lastly, What has been your greatest challenge? If you have time to answer these questions, I would appreciate it.

Thank you,

Anonymous said...

Yep,once that door is opened, like Miss Tess here, Finally BBW and SSBBW can get the stigma of YOURE TOO FAT, dead and gone...And with Torrid and stores and retailers in your local mall, FINALLY BBW andSSBBW with their clutches and wallets, find self satisfaction and look stunning to boot! I sure think so. The U.S.A. is built on Happiness, look it up girls, and I for one applaud Miss Tess Munster build an empire, this is just the start ladies! Cheers and Fat Self Acceptance to you all!!!!!

bubs3368 said...

Hi Tess, I'm not sure if you read these comments but want to thank you for being one of the few big beautiful women who truly inspire the rest of us who cringe everytime they look in a mirror.
I wanted to ask if like me you have trouble finding jewellery to fit on the high street, I cannot buy anything to fit especially rings, so I have started to make plus sized jewellery at home but have no idea what to do with it lol silly I know. Where do you get jewellery do you like me have to look in the men's section for rings.
You take care now take no notice of the bullies out there you have a lot of followers who know how it feels to be ridiculed because of their size. All the best Tracy from the UK

Unknown said...

Tess, you have been a massive inspiration to me. I am fifteen years old and have constantly felt ashamed of my body. I'd always wear loose fitting clothing, I didn't want people to see my chubbyness. Then I found you online one day and slowly my confidence was raised. I'm now quite proud of my body, I'm proud to be who I am :) Thank you for giving me that confidence. You're a fabulous woman and I will forever be a fan of yours.

Unknown said...
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My family life! said...

Hi tess, my 15 year old daughter is 230 and has just been picked by the c.e.o. of barbizon in in tampa. Do you think someone will give her the chance you got she does not think so

Unknown said...

Dear Tess,

I just want to say your an inspiration in terms of self confidence and self love.
I have been solidly unwell with depression for about 9 months. I have been unable to work, Im in my pjamas all day and because of all this, I have gained about 20kg. I used to be a size 6 (Australian) now Im a size 12. People think I got lazy or because I like to eat sweets but the truth is I am depressed. I don't have the energy and it feels good to just be in bed, not have to deal with anything. Anyways seeing your posts of facebook and instagram have made me feel a bit brighter - seeing you live your dreams makes me feel like life isn't so bad afterall. Id forgotten how to love myself so I thank you for making me feel different. Keep up the inspiring work.
Serena xx

Unknown said...

Hi Tess! I want to say "thank you" (like so many others here.) I'm 37, 5'1", and 255 pounds. I haven't been with a man since I was divorced 3 years ago, but a good friend has recently become more and I am looking forward to our first romantic weekend together. I'm also extremely nervous about it because of the body issues I've had all my life. But looking at your beautiful (very sexy) pictures makes me feel like I can be sexy too. It gives me confidence to see your confidence. I love what you do and just wanted to say thank you so much for being yourself!!!

Unknown said...

You gorgeous girl! Im an aussie girl, living it up in all my glorious rolls and stretch marks! Your a real inspiration, i love it, makes me feel so confident! How do i get involved? i love what you promote! Always used to dream of being skinny so i could be a model, but hey, thats not what beauty is all about! Let me know, if you have any suggestion!

Loves of love, Georgia xx

Unknown said...

Hello Tess, My name is Eric and I have this amazing Girlfriend named Shawn Katie. In Fact, you recently commented on one of her posts about you in FB and she lost her mind with excitement. She absolutely adores you and so do I. We both admire your work but more so, your incredible story. Shawn has always been a bigger girl, and to me, she is the most beautiful woman in the whole wide world (this include you, sorry) but as of late, she has been having some body confidence issues. I have told her every day I have known her, just how gorgeous she truly is, but it seems that she has grown accustom to my compliments. I know this is probably way out of line for me to ask, but a few words from you would really, really (hopefully) change her outlook on her body. She is too pretty to be ashamed of what she looks like, and I would do anything, even something as ridiculous as asking a complete stranger to give her that vote of confidence she needs, just to see her happy. I know your're a busy person, and I'm sure you get stuff like this all the time, but it would really mean a lot to her and to me. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope to see you in many more wonderful photographs being as sexy as you are. Rock on.

Unknown said...

Hello! I just wanted to say your are ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. I saw your pictures and was like "This girl is Rose Quartz (from Steven Universe)" gotta do a Rose Quartz cosplay or something!

Unknown said...

Why are we glorifying fat people? I think the author means "Why are we not shaming fat people?" I couldn't resist ranting on this one...

"In other words: how dare society criticize an obese woman who chose to put herself in the public eye."

To be fair, if you look at her tweets, she actually isn't saying that at all. She's saying "Say or think what you want, I don't care and I don't owe you an explanation." That doesn't mean that we shouldn't have open conversations about the prevalence of obesity and poor diet in our country. It just means that she doesn't owe anyone an explanation for why she looks the way she does.

Imagine some snarky blogger writing this a few years ago: "how dare society criticize Michael Sam, a gay man who chose to put himself in the public eye?" Does that give it a different flavor to you? Why? Most forward thinking people were not pulling out statistics on STI's in the gay community to complain about the risks of homosexuality, and yet people seem to have an innate urge to vilify fat people. Most of us did not expect an explanation from Sam about his homosexuality. We just accepted that he is gay, acknowledged that he's not us so it didn't impact our lives, and we moved on. Why can't society do the same thing when a fat person is in the spotlight?

As someone who doesn't have a single memory of not being fat, I have always dealt with the bias against fat people. It's one thing to say that our society has an elephant in the room, but it's an entirely different experience to actually be the elephant.

When I hear people say it glorifies an unhealthy lifestyle, I think about all the popular images in our society of people smoking, drinking, and the overall glorification of sexualized stupidity that our media perpetuates. These same people don't rant because a popular character on TV is a smoker. Everyone understands there are health risks, but we simply accept that people are smokers and we don't openly hate on them. Now if that person is fat and aren't blatantly ashamed of it, people feel entitled to criticize them for not making the "right" choices.

Listen to the judgement here: "The reality is that while Holliday is a beautiful woman, promoting her as an example for women and girls sends the wrong message. It’s OK, fantastic even to be comfortable in your own skin, but pushing a social agenda should not take precedence over one’s health. Working out four times a week and staying away from cigarettes does not a healthy person make, and Holliday would do well to understand that."

And what exactly DOES make a healthy person? Do you think there's a fat person alive who DOESN'T know that there are health risks associated with excess body weight? What good does this kind of shaming do?

There are health risks associated with speeding in motor vehicles, and yet we celebrate Paul Walker and his Fast and Furious series. I would bet money that in a 50 year span, more people will have been injured or killed in motorsports because they were inspired by those movies than people who died of obesity-related illness because they were inspired to be fat by Tess Holiday. And yet criticizing Paul Walker (from what I can tell, a genuinely good person) is very unpopular while criticizing Tess Holiday (who cares about her character, she's fat!) is comparatively well received.

Obesity may not be "normal" to you, but "normal" takes on a different context in the perspective of one's life experience. And I don't deserve a lecture from a stranger because I'm not constantly advertising shame or an awareness of my perceived medical issues. But that's what happens when you're fat; there's no closet to hide that from society.

The lack of compassion astounds me.

Martine Pauwels - M.G. Crow said...

Dear Tess

I will be truely honest. Personally, I think you look just as ugly as size 0 models. I really do not like the looks of your body. I will not judge you for it, since I am also plus size, due to a diabolism disorder. Personally, I do not like the looks of my body and I am still a little less plus than your size. I hate looking in the mirror undressed, just because the looks of my body. I cannot help it, but I really really do not like the looks of an overweight person. It is not what I like to see. It s just plain ugly in my opinion. You do not chose to be like that. Watching you, I really feel like I should get gastric bypass surgery. I do think you have personality and I do not judge you for what you do, but it just feels wrong for me. I have been fighting my weight my entire life and I really really hate it and you do not make me feel any better, but even worse. You just remind me of how I hate my body. I know I have not a bikini body and you will never see me wear one, since it really makes me feel bad and all you fat women trying to tell me something else, make me puke. I am sorry, but I respect my body too much to show it off. I am a person and not a circus freak. And I feel you are turning yourself into a circus freak. What statement do you make? To me you are even more fat shaming than all the bullies I had to endure in life.

Martine Pauwels - M.G. Crow said...

What I just said: I have metabolism disorder. I do not judge people for being fat, but I personally feel it looks so ugly. I never wanted to be fat. I think nobody really wants to. It is already bad enough to be fat, but showing it off is really lack of self esteem.

Ifer said...

Hey, I'm making a series of artworks celebrating bodily diversity in humanity and nature and made one based on your photo on your June 5, 2013 ".I like bathing suits & I cannot lie." post.
You can see it here: