Tess Munster FAQ

  • How did you get into plus size modeling? I was discovered by a casting agent on Model Mayhem. I then became the face of A&E’s ‘HEAVY’, & the rest is as they say.. History!
  • What advice do you have for other women wanting to get into modeling? Check out plusmodelmag.com they have the best advice and resources.
  • Where are your favorite places to shop? Domino Dollhouse, ASOS, Forever 21+, Simply Be, SWAK, City Chic.
  • What is your Domino Dollhouse promo code? Does it expire? Each month it’s a different code. Check on my social networking each month for the new code.
  • What size are you? What are your measurements? How tall are you? I’m a size 22, 49”, 49”,52”, & 5’5.
  • What makeup do you use? (see below)

  • What are your favorite makeup brands? Makeup Forever, MAC, Urban Decay, Stila, NARS, Chanel, & Lancome.
  • What is your skincare regimen? It changes all the time depending on what the weather is like (winter/summer). Currently I wash my face with Cetaphil cleanser, tone with salicylic acid, & moisturize with Kiehl’s daily face cream. I also use Lancome serum for under my eyes.
  • How do you have such confidence all the time? I surround myself with positive people and make sure that I do what I love, that keeps me happy and in a good head space. It’s all about who you surround yourself with.
  • How do you do your eyebrows? Kelley Baker Brows in Venice keeps my eyebrows looking so amazing. I can’t take credit for that..ha! I see her once a week.
  • How do you keep your hair so gorgeous? I get a gloss every two weeks at my salon, and I do deep conditions as well as different products to keep my hair healthy. I like Kenra, Paul Mitchell, & the Loreal Professional line.
  • Who colors your hair? What color is that? Michele at Stephanie Hobgood Salon in Venice Beach. I’m not quite sure of what color my hair is specifically, she mixes a few things to get this color red.
  • What do you wear under dresses to prevent friction? How about shorts? I don’t wear anything. I know I should, but I can’t really find anything that works great for me.
  • Do you wear jeans? Where can I find good plus size jeans? I wear jeans occasionally and when I do, it’s Torrid. I feel like they have the best fit & they are affordable.
  • What brand of shapewear do you wear? Where can I find this? I wear exclusively Rago Shapewear and I purchase mine from www.dominodollhouse.com or directly from the Rago site.
  • Where can I get plus size corsets? Hips & Curves. There are also various Corset companies/lines that will make something specific to your measurements. 
  • Where can I get plus size bras? How about sexy bras? I buy most of my bras from Lane Bryant & Torrid. However, I know that Evans UK carries a great variety as well as Hips & Curves.
  • Are you represented by an agency? How do I get represented? Yes I am. If you are looking for agency representation, have some professional, tasteful head shots taken and submit them to the kind of agency that you are seeking work for. Whether it be Modeling, acting, commercial, etc.
  • Can I get an autographed print? They can be purchased through my website.
  • Do you do meet and greets? Occasionally, yes. I always post info on my various social networking sites.
  • Where can I send fan mail to? My P.O. Box
  • I want to send you some hand made accessories, how do I go about that? My P.O. Box. However, I don’t shoot anything for trade, but I’m more than happy to accept to thank you letters or presents from fans.
  • Who does your tattoos? I go to various artists depending on the style of tattoo I’m looking for. My portraits are all done by Nikko Hurtado.
  • What are the meanings behind your tattoos? Each tattoo has a different meaning. Some of people who have been inspirational to me, passions of mine, or just random things that make me smile.
  • How can i interview you for my website/magazine/blog? All interviews can be emailed to me, but depending on my current work schedule, and the deadline the content is needed by will depend on whether or not I’m able to complete them.
  • I am a photographer, what are your rates, how can I hire you? For fit modeling, you would go through my agency Maverick. For everything else, email me for rates.
  • Do you have a clothing line? I partnered with Custom Plus & designed my own t-shirt line.
  • Where are you located? Los Angeles, CA
  • Where are you originally from? A small town in Mississippi

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